About Living Power Publishing

Living Power has been developing Bible studies for many years, however recently the company began publishing books. Currently, Living Power is pleased to introduce the works of Dan Hurst and Dr. Randy Shepard.

Living Power is all about getting the practical, applicable truths of God’s word into the hands of people that are looking to fulfill their destiny. We invite you to read one of these books and share your discoveries.

About Dan Hurst

Dan Hurst's passion is to teach the Bible in a way that people can understand and apply in their lives. He currently teaches The Open Class, a class he started at First Baptist Church of Raytown, Missouri. The class has several hundred members.

Dan and his wife, Marcia, live in the Kansas City area. Although his conference speaking and teaching keep him busy, he finds time to date his wife, pester his children, spoil his perfect grandchildren, ruin some golf courses and cheer on losing sports teams.

About Dr. Randy Shepard

DR. RANDY SHEPARD is an author, speaker, former pastor, and consultant. As a nationally-known speaker, he has trained the leaders and constituents of numerous Fortune 500 companies, churches, and organizations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. He has an earned Ph.D. in Biblical Studies and Counseling, and is a native of the Kansas City area where he enjoys his three grown children and five grandchildren. Dr. Shepard also enjoys being a scuba dive instructor in his spare time.